About PALM

Our Mission

The mission of Pittsburgh Area Lutheran Ministries (PALM) is to facilitate cooperation among the Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod congregations in the Pittsburgh region and outer lying areas in supporting the mission work of the church. PALM is a Recognized Service Organization of the LCMS

Our History

Pittsburgh Area Lutheran Ministries (PALM) was born out of its predecessor, the Lutheran Church Extension Society (LCES), at a delegate meeting of member congregations of The Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod held on September 9, 1997. PALM challenges LCMS congregations in the Pittsburgh region to forge new partnerships with each other for the purpose of expanding and supporting the mission and ministry work of the church. Each September delegates of member congregations gather to review the work of PALM and elect a PALM Board of Directors to oversee PALM Ministries.

Our Membership

Congregations from the four Pittsburgh area Circuits of the Eastern District, the Pittsburgh Circuit of the English District, and the SELC District are all eligible for membership in Pittsburgh Area Lutheran Ministries (PALM) by notifying the President of PALM, by letter, of such intention.

Our Purpose

PALM exists to accomplish objectives that require the cooperation of all or several of the members. Some objectives being pursued are:

  • The initiation of new ministries.
  • The support of new ministries or of ministries that are inherently unable to support themselves.
  • The publication of the Pittsburgh Lutheran.
  • The joint celebratory worship services such as the Reformation Festival.
  • The management of local assets owned jointly by the members and the LCMS-owned Minersville Cemetery.
  • The allocation of available resources among prospective ministries.

Our Partnership

“Devoting ourselves to the Gospel,” we will continue to serve the Lord and watch God’s good work extend to all people. Together, we are making a difference in Christ Jesus! Join us today in offering your partnership.

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