Minersville Cemetery Help Needed

Many of us, may not be familiar with Minersville Cemetery, located in the Heron Hill section of the city. It is the final resting place of many of our Lutheran forefathers since the 1800’s.

We are in dire need of your help to maintain the cemetery in a dignified manner. If you have a gasoline powered weed wacker or similar type of machine that you might either lend or volunteer yourself to spend an hour or two trimming around the headstones in a specific area your service would be a blessing in this time of great need!

Due to a series of unfortunate events, our grass cutter is no longer physically able to continue. Until new bids are obtained and a new permanent contract can be issued, the PALM Board has approved a tree service who has come to our aid in cutting the grass. Nevertheless, the fine tuning of trimming in detail remains to be completed this year. Also, the lower end of the cemetery outside along a Ossipee Street must be kept open so that police may visually patrol into the cemetery. Because there is a city of Pittsburgh school next door, according to police, there is a clear risk of strangers hiding in the overgrowth along the curb and attacking or abducting the students as they walk to and from school. This area grows faster than the grass and needs special attention.

A map showing the cemetery location is found on the PALM website. Specific instructions and a personal guided tour of the cemetery may be arranged by calling Terry N. Taylor at 412-480-0903. This would be an excellent youth group activity or just plain good exercise!



Three Concordia Residents Celebrate 100 Years

Concordia Lutheran Ministries enjoyed three proclamation days for its 100-year-olds. Three “young” ladies became centenarians in the last couple of months. 

Pauline Lowry-Finlay, a resident in the health center at Concordia of the South Hills, celebrated hers on April 21. Her son’s testimonial after her passing on May 21 is at http://www.concordialm.org/blog/?p=911.

Beatrice Mack and Janet Henshaw Shever, residents at Concordia at the Orchard, also marked milestones –- Beatrice on May 24 and Janet on April 26. We honor them and reaffirm our thanks for the blessing of seniors.

Annual Delegate Meeting

Annual Delegate Meeting Sunday, February 28, 2010 First Trinity, Oakland 3 p.m.

Please let your PALM representatives know that the Annual Delegate Meeting will be held at First Trinity located at 531 N. Neville Street Pittsburgh, PA 15213 which is in the Oakland section of Pittsburgh. The Meeting will be on Sunday February 28, 2010 at 3:00PM. Each congregation should be represented by 2 lay delegates who will be voting during the meeting.

It is vital that all 3 districts network and dialog together in order to effectively meet the needs of local mission work in Southwester PA and Northern Maryland.

The PALM Board is looking for people who are interested in serving on the Board. Please contact Terry Nelson Taylor at 412-480-0903 for information.